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FutureQuake #06

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  • Ancient Gods (writer) Alan Donald, (art) Mick Trimble
  • Ascent To Paradise (writer) Colin Dinnie, (art) Martin Timmins
  • Going Nowhere (writer) Paul Glasswell, (art) Geoffrey Shane
  • I love the Corp (writer) Gary Wilkinson, (art) Bolt-01, (colour) Richmond Clements
  • Just Because They're After You (writer/art) Keith Burns
  • Minicab 2086 (writer) Josh Idehen, (art) Robert Timmins
  • Neroy Sphinx: The Job From Hell (writer) Dan Whiston, (art) James Kircough
  • Paradox Man (writer) Derek Hamill, (art) Steve Roberts
  • Skip To The End (writer) Coyle/Berridge, (art) Various
  • The Great Warlord Sugi (writer) Arthur Wyatt, (art) Peter Anckorn
  • Triumph Of The Will (writer) Clements/Berridge, (art) Stewart McKenny, (colour) Richmond Clements
  • Who You Gonna Call? (writer) Matthew Banwell, (art) Simeon Aston