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About FutureQuakePress

FutureQuake started out as an exercise in script recycling by Arthur Wyatt; utilising scripts that had been rejected by Tharg for 2000 AD. Arthur self-published three issues of FutureQuake before moving to America. After the third issue, James Mackay opted to continue the title and enlisted the help of Dave Evans and Richmond Clements.

Issue 04 (May 2005) was the first to feature a full colour cover by Matt Timson and a significant page count increase. Also joining at this time was Barny Shergold, our Webmaster. The FutureQuake website was built and launched to great success.

Following the success of FutureQuake 04, James fled the country to Cyprus. After a period of adjustment, Ed Berridge and Mark Woodland were invited to join the team. Also at this time it was announced that MangaQuake was intended after the amount of interest from artists and writers of that genre in working for FutureQuake.

FutureQuake 05 and MangaQuake 01 were launched at Brighton in November 2005 and the response from scriptwriters was such that FQP (as the group had begun calling themselves) decided to use the abundance of horror strips to launch a third title, Something Wicked.

May 2006 saw the launch of FutureQuake 06, Mangaquake 02 and Something Wicked 01. These titles proved successful but due to the costs involved in running three titles, it was decided to keep Something Wicked as an annual title, launching new issues each November.

The summer of 2006 saw Ed leave under mysterious circumstances so Dave, Rich, Mark and Barny became the core of FQP.

Since then FutureQuake has been fanzine of the month several times in SFX, and also has been nominated for an eagle award four times consecutively. MangaQuake closed after issue 7, but FutureQuake has gone from strength to strength and Something Wicked has become an end of year favourite.

In 2008, FQP lost Mark Woodland in a bizarre accident involving inter dimensional miners, but wherever he is, we are sure Mark is in charge.

FQP is also now the publishing home of both Dogbreath and Zarjaz, the fanzines for 2000 AD. Both of these titles are well received and submissions arrive almost continuously.

Currently, FQP consists of Dave, Rich and Barny. The comics now have a semi-regular release cycle and FutureQuake & Something Wicked have become trade paperback sized editions to take advantage of the latest printing techniques.