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Dogbreath #32

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  • Durham Red- Cold Turkey. Written by Alexandar Altman. Art by JP Vilchis. Letters by Cristian Docolomansky
  • Strontium Dog- Dogmash. Written by Paul Eldridge. Art by David Broughton. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Strontium Dog - Fight For the Future. Written by Richmond Clements. Art by Disreali
  • Strontium Dog - Last Chance. Written by Matt Sharp. Art by Patrick Brown
  • Strontium Dog - The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Knight Times. Written by Matt Sharp. Art & Letters by Bolt-01
  • Strontium Dog's - A Day In The Life Of Silent Weerd. Written & Drawn by James Feist. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Strontium Dog's - An Old Dog's Tale. Written by Alec Charles. Art by Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Also in this issue Leigh Shepherd continues his ‘Case File’ review by looking at ‘Tales from the Doghouse’, ‘The Town That Died Of Shame’ and ‘Incident At The Birth Of The Universe’.