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Editorial Team

FQP is made up of the three maniacs... sorry, very talented individuals below.

Richmond Clements - Scripts & MangaQuake

Richmond Clements has been with FQP since 2004. As well as writing and editing there, he has written to comic Turning Tiger for Renegade Arts Entertainment, Ketsueki for Markosia, Black Dragon for Strip Magazine as well as many many others. He also co-organises Hi-Ex! The Highland International Comic Expo.

Dave Evans - Art Editor

Dave Evans has been drawing comics for as long as he can remember, he has been involved with FQP since 2004 and draws comics under the alias of BOLT-01.

Barny Shergold - Webmaster

Barny Shergold is the Webmaster. Involved with FQP since 2004 he is responsible for all that you click! He has had strips published in FutureQuake when he can slip them past quality control; he's afraid someone might spot him one day. Barny builds e-commerce sites as a living (using the Magento platform) . He is married and has one son, who is now at University. He lives in Cambridgeshire, and is still hiding out from the KGB....