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FutureQuake Summer 2016

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  • Bait And Switch by writer Fred Francis and artist Keiran Squires
  • Beyond The Machine by writer Boy Phaff
  • Child Star by writer Mike Kalin and artist Rafael Romeo Magat
  • Come Home by writer Lee Robson and artist Justin Woods
  • Ghost Town by writer Marcello Bondi and artist Martina Marzullo
  • Hel comes to Baltitown by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson
  • Men In Green by writer River Apparicio and artist Marc Ducrow
  • Murder He Read by writer Matthew Collyer and artist Jack Davies
  • Point of Contact by writer Eddie Robson and artist Matt Sandbrook
  • Post Mortem by writer Tim Perry and artist David Valente
  • Prison Conditions by writer Chris Tresson and artist Terrance Whitlow
  • Second Chances by writer Alec Charles and artist Boy Phaff
  • Sentience by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Chris Connelly
  • Sleeping Life Waiting by writer Derek Adnams and artist Chris Geary
  • Slight by writer David Tomas and artist Aidan Gilman
  • Super by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Daniel Bell
  • The Happiest Dan Alive by writer Russell Hillman and artist Scott Twells
  • The Healers by writer Mike Kalin and artist Rafael Chrestani
  • These Things Happen by writer Dominic Teague and artist Roland Bird
  • Unbound by writer Niall Kitson and artist Michael Adam Kindred