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FutureQuake #22

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  • Self Psych (writer) Virgil Yendell, (art & letters) James Evans
  • The Ndoki (writer) Alec Robertson, (art) David Broughton, (letters) Bolt-01
  • X=21 (writer) Alec Charles, (art) Neil McClements, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Evolutionary Psychology (writer) Alec Charles, (art) Jared Souza, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Self Psych (writer) Virgil Yendell, (art & letters) James Evans
  • Incarnation Shift (writer) Dirk Van Dom, (art) Jim Lavery, (letters) Bolt-01
  • The Day the Earth Struck Back (writer) Paul L Matthews, (art) Jim Lavery, (letters) Bolt-01
  • And Death will have his day (writer) Ed Berridge, (art) George Coleman, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Spike (writer) Derek Hamill, (art) Jon Taylor, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Love is Hell (writer) Alec Charles, (art) Bruno Stahl, (letters) Bolt-01