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FutureQuake Winter 2016

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  • Bad Timed Time Travelling Written by Mario Fernandez. Art by Rafael Chrestani. Letters by Bolt-01.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For Written by Alexander Altman. Art by Fran Strukan. Letters by Cristian Docolomansky
  • Erased Written by Matthew Comer. Art by Adam Caudill. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Escapism Written by Ethan Burns. Art by Carlos Angeli. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Escort Duty Written by Matthew Allen. Art by Dan Goodfellow. Letters by Bolt-01
  • First Contact Written by Lee Robson. Art & Letters by Bryan Coyle
  • Horror House Of Death Written by Lawrence Conquest. Art by Nathan Webb. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Idea Space- The Ynyslas Olympics Written by JJ Robinson. Art by Darren Stephens. Letters by Bolt-01
  • King Of The Hill Written by Dave Tomas. Art & letters by Ech.
  • Mr Byrd Written by Andre Mateus. Art by Denis Vermesse. Letters by Ken Reynolds
  • Obsession Written by Marcello Bondi. Art by Martina Marzullo. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Part Exchange Written by Matthew Allen. Art by Ech. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Pearls Before Swine Written by Kevin Bovy. Art by Norrie Millar. Letters by Bolt-01
  • The Hangover Written by Jeff Bowles. Art by Andrew Hartmann. Letters by Bolt-01
  • The Rules Of Time Travel Written by Chris Nicholson. Art by Matt Sandbrook. Letters by Bolt-01
  • The Tale Of The Lover Written by Dan Whiston. Art by Jaye Franklin. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Time To Let Go Written by Inderjit Bhullar. Art & letters by Gustavo Varga
  • Virtual Voyeurism Written by Rob Jones. Art by Aidan Gilman. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Waiting Written by Adam Breen. Art by Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Who's The President Written by Carlos Pozo. Art & Letters by Edward Whatley.