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FutureQuake 2017

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  • A Hundred Hurts Written by Christian Gilbert Art & Letters by Gustaffo Vargas
  • A Week Written by Alexi Conman Art by Sketchy Magpie Letters by Bolt-01
  • Action & Consequence Written by Alexi Conman Art by Scott Twells Colour by Owen Watts Letters by Bolt-01
  • Conservationists Written by David Tallerman Art by Anthony Summey Letters by Bolt-01
  • Flawed Design Written by Veronica Tomasiello Art by Alex Paterson Letters by Bolt-01
  • From Tiny Acorns Written by Alexi Conman Art by Richard Waugh Letters by Bolt-01
  • Idea Space: All Good Things Written by JJ Robinson Art by Darren Stephens Letters by Bolt-01
  • Jamie Evolutionary Written by Jeff Bowles Art by Romain Brun Letters by Bolt-01
  • Jungalow Written by Dick Jillings Art & Letters by Fran Strukan
  • Kron Written by Chris Tresson Art by Nico Assirelli Letters by Bolt-01
  • Late Stage Detection Written by Josef Cuddy Art by Łukasz Kowalczuk Letters by Bolt-01
  • London Rocks Written by Tim West Art by Rafael Romeo Magat Letters by Bolt-01
  • Nuclear Family Written by Danny Nolan Art & Letters by Dave Dye
  • Painful Truths Written by Dominic Teague Art & Letters by Anthony O’Donnell
  • Shards Written by Dave Wednesday Art by RH Stewart Letters by Bolt-01
  • Stick Up Written by ‘Fred Jenks' Art by Rui Mendes Letters by Bolt-01
  • Teething Written by Katie Cunningham Art by Boy Phaff Letters by Bolt-01
  • Turing's Prisoner Written by Alexi Conman Art & Letters by Bolt-01 Greytones by Barry Renshaw