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FutureQuake #24

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  • Think I'm Paradroid (writer) Mark Hobby, (art) Tim Cassford, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Deconstructing Alex (writer) Raz Greenberg, (art) Darren Mullen, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Knock Knock (writer) BJ Fox & Chris Godfree, (art) Johnny Hoang, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Write Man For The Job (writer) Buster Willoughby, (art) Mauro Lirussi, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Truth Justice & the American Way (writer) BJ Fox, (art) Johnny Hoang, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Valour And Mettle (writer) Michael Consoli, (art) Peter Woods, (letters) Bolt-01
  • The Sounds Unnatural (writer) Adkins P Jones, (art) Bruno Stahl, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Power & the Glory (writer) Lee Robson, (art) Jim Lavery, (letters) Bolt-01
  • The Man With 268 Bodies (writer) Dan Haycock, (art) Andrew Hartmann, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Singles Night (writer) Tony McVeigh, (art) Jaye Franklin, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Second Chance (writer) JJ Robinson (art) Alex Paterson, (letters) Bolt-01