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Something Wicked 2018

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  • A New Hobby by writer Sam Bayley and artist Simon Bennett Hayes
  • A Terrible Thing by writer Billy Peery and artist Anthony Odonnell
  • Beneath the Ice by writer Karl Brandt and artist Aaron Miller
  • Best Mate Archie by writer Ian Sherred and artist Thodoris Laourdekis
  • Blessed Phantoms by writer Alec Robertson and artist Chris Geary
  • Chit Chat Chum by writer Nick Bryan and artist Mike Walters
  • Dog Fight by writer George White and artist Kristian Carstensen
  • Home Again by writer PL Woods and artist Jerome Canty
  • Hush A Bye, Baby by writer N Tomasiello and artist Richard Waugh
  • In the Basement by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Pete Woods
  • Jigsaw by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Danos Philopoulos
  • Mommy's Little Angel by writer Tim West and artist Robomonkey147
  • Nevermore by writer Andrej Bunjac and artist Anthony Odonnell
  • Possessed by writer Iten and artist Carlos Angeli
  • Rolling Dark by writer Micheal Norwitz and artist EdNorden
  • Tethered by writer Micheal J Lyle and artist Denis Vermesse
  • The Childermass Effect by writer David Conway and artist Lucas Peverill
  • The Dabbler by writer Chris Tresson and artist Matt Sandbrook
  • The House by writer Daniel Bell and artist Ken Best
  • The Hyena by writer Karl Brandt and artist Brett Burbridge
  • The Law of the tongue by writer Karl Brandt and artist Jerome Canty
  • The Most Beautiful Bird by writer Carlos Pozo and artist Martina Marzullo
  • The Perfect Man by writer Paul Goodenough and artist Denis Vermesse