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Zarjaz #27

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  • Judge Dredd- The Hold out. Written by Mike Lynch. Art by Chris Askham. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Lobster Random - Snippety Snap. Written by James Alexander. Art by Neil Sims. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Slaine - Godhead. Written by David Fenn. Art by Sam Weller. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Tales Of Mega-City One - How I Met Mary. Written by Ryan Hickling. Art by Norrie Millar. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Tales Of Mega-City One - Law In Exile. Written by Santiago Mayaud. Art by Daniel Dwyer. Letters by Bolt-01
  • Tales Of The Black Museum - The Last Constable. Written by Jim Alexander. Art by PL Woods. Letters by Bolt-01
  • The V. C.’s - Raid On Caliban. Written by Matt Sharp. Art & Letters by David Broughton